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James L. Grant, PhD



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G. Event Study Analysis:

Market Model, Abnormal Returns (Residuals) and CAR graph used in traditional event study/case study analysis

H. Two-Asset Efficient Frontier:

Construction and graphing of feasible and efficient sets of portfolios


I. Bond Pricing and Duration: Estimation of Macauley and Modified duration

J. Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model (OPM):

Call option pricing for dividend paying stocks

K. Equity Analysis and Valuation Course Pack: Customized software for finance & investment courses in MBA, MSF, and MSA degree programs

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Published in Wiley/Fabozzi Series in Finance*

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Foundations of Economic Value Added Second Edition (Grant): Focus on Value: A Corporate and Investor Guide to Wealth Creation (Grant and Abate): Value-Based Metrics: Foundations and Practice (Fabozzi and Grant, Eds.): Equity Portfolio Management (Fabozzi and Grant)

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"An EVA Primer for Healthcare Providers" by Grant (Spring 2007 Edition of Journal of Health Care Finance)

"A Survey of Demographics and Performance in the Hedge Fund Industry", by Bandopadhyaya and Grant (Summer 2007 Edition of  Journal of Investing)

"Understanding the Required Return under New Uncertainty"  by Abate, Grant, and Rowberry (Fall 2006 Edition of Journal of Portfolio Management)

"Tactical Asset Allocation and Presidential Elections" by Grant and Trahan (Summer 2006 Edition of  Financial Services Review)

"The EVA Style of Investing" by Abate, Grant and G. Bennett Stewart III (Fall 2004 Edition of Journal of Portfolio Management)



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Selected Articles and Works

"Perspectives on the Global Financial Crisis from Emerging Managers and Public Policy Makers," James L. Grant

CM Financial Services Forum, UMASS Boston, Edited Manuscript (650 pages+)

Foundations of Economic Value Added by James L. Grant cited in New York Times article, "When the Stock Price Hides Trouble," by Gretchen Morgenson, October 12, 2013


"Does the Wealth Profile of a Company Matter in DCF Analysis?" by James L. Grant (Winter 2011, Journal of Investing, Institutional Investor Journals)

"A Perspective on U.S. Regime Change and the Global Financial Crisis" by Grant (Journal of Asset Management, October 2009)

CFA Institute selects "Security Analysis Using Value-Based Metrics" by Grant and James A. Abate for CFA Level II Candidate Study Programs

"The Economic Profit Approach to Securities Valuation" by Grant (Chapter 9 in The Handbook of Valuation, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2009)

"Active Investing in Strategic Acquirers using an EVA Style Analysis" by Grant and Emery A.Trahan (Spring 2009 Edition of Journal of Alternative Investments)

"ADR Characteristics and Performance in International and Global Indexes" by Bandopadhyaya, Chugh, and Grant (Journal of Asset Management, April 2009)

"In Search of Certain Earnings: Applying the ACE Portfolio Concept to Sectors" by Grant and Chris Rowberry (Summer 2008 Edition of Journal of Investing)

"Equity Analysis using Traditional and Value-Based Metrics" by Grant and Frank J. Fabozzi,  (Chapter 32 in The Handbook of Finance Vol. III, John Wiley & Sons, August 2008)





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A. Equity AnalysisTemplate:

Our flagship Integration of Traditional and Value-Based Metrics template including growth rates, operating margins, multiples, 5-factor ROE-Dupont, Residual Income (abnormal earnings), & Economic Value Added (EVA) used to discern Wealth creators from wealth destroyers according to "EVA Style analysis"

B. Free Cash Flow Valuation:

Free Cash Flow, WACC, Single-stage, Two-stage FCF build-out, and Three-stage "H" transitional growth models of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) to assess undervalued or overvalued stock condition

C. M&A/LBO Valuation Model: FCF build-out, Debt sweep, and integrated multiples and multi-stage discounted free cash flow valuation with geometric required rate of return and EVA reconciliation

D. EVA and Residual Income for Business Strategists and CFAs:

NOPAT,WACC, EVA & Residual Income (abnormal earnings), EVA Momentum [used in our good company, bad  company EVA style quadrants approach to equity securities analysis]

E. Value-Based Accounting Adjustments:

Disclosed Economic Profit with value-based accounting treatment of LIFO Reserve, Intangibles Amortization, Capitalized R&D, and Operating Leases as Debt Equivalent, among other Value-based accounting adjustments

F. Traditional Financial Analysis:

Growth rates, operating margins, 5-factor ROE-Dupont analysis, price multiples, and PEG ratio (multiples of growth)




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